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Training & Development

No matter where you begin at Nissan, you can aspire to leadership. That's why, when you become a part of our team, you're given the tools and resources to expand your expertise and push the boundaries of career success.

"Be passionate. Learn from every opportunity; create a learning company." — The "Learner" tenet of The NISSAN WAY.

We motivate our employees to invest in their careers, own their key accomplishments and explore all possibilities within our diverse brands and businesses, even working across companies with our longstanding alliance with Renault.

Through coaching, training and mentoring with accessible leaders in an open environment, we're able to take an agile and customized approach to career development, while supporting and guiding each employee on their individual road to success.

With Nissan's global performance evaluation system, each employee's performance is measured against our core competencies listed in The NISSAN WAY, as well as individual commitments and targets. So you'll be assured that your performance is recognized and rewarded along the way.


Nissan Students Learn to Go Kondo...

Approximately 80 percent of the students in Nissan Automobile Technical College join Nissan dealers post graduation, but not everyone gets to team up with KONDO Racing team to produce and maintain a Super Taikyu 2012 race vehicle. This collaborative project served as a pilot for a new approach to learning in this fast-paced racing setting. Students learned not only maintenance techniques, but how to work within a team.

Masahiko served as mentor and lead in multiple team victories, noting how this project not only nurtured the highest level of accuracy and speed, but also imparted a passion for automobiles that can inspire better performance within Nissan dealers.

Following each race, students implemented a "Plan-Do-Check-Act" process to consider how to resolve issues for the next one. Capturing and communicating these findings in the most transparent terms helped prepare education and training programs as the project developed. In the end, both students and instructors were inspired by their incredible growth and their ability to adapt new solutions within a rapidly changing environment.

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