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Corporate Responsibility

"Blue Citizenship" is what we call Corporate Social Responsibility at Nissan. It's how we fulfill our commitment to enriching people's lives while contributing toward developing a sustainable and mobile society.

As a global automaker, we have a responsibility to help address environmental and social issues connected to the automobile and to ensure that the richness of a life with cars will be available to future generations. To realize this goal, Nissan employees and all of our stakeholders focus on the following key elements:

  • wind turbine


    Nissan is dedicated to sustainable business growth and to reducing our impact on the environment.

    CO2 Emissions
    Our mission extends to reducing CO2 emissions in all our business endeavors: Nissan works to lower CO2 emissions at the manufacturing and shipping stages.

  • mobility


    Nissan is dedicated to providing desirable, safe, reliable and affordable mobility to consumers across the world.

    We set a goal of halving the number of deaths and serious injuries in traffic accidents involving Nissan vehicles by 2015 from the 1995 level. We achieved this in 2009 in Japan and the United Kingdom, and are making huge strides in all our markets.

  • community


    Nissan is dedicated to giving back to society and supporting the communities where we do business.

    We contribute to society in ways that only an automaker can, fostering participatory consciousness among our employees and working together with NPOs and NGOs in activities that meet local conditions and needs in countries and regions around the globe.

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