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  • - The Power Comes From Inside -

    Exciting innovations begin with the talent and ingenuity of great people. That's why we empower the employees of Nissan Motor Company to do what they do best right from the start.

    Global Team

    Our team is constantly hiring for a diverse range of global, regional and local careers, doing business in over 170 countries around the world.

    Discover how you can join us Nissan Global Employees
  • - The Power Comes From Inside -


    Cross-functional paths take shape.

    While working for Nissan manufacturing as an engineer, Kentaro earned a degree in design. He shifted gears — moved to the Nissan Design team — and went on to shape the exterior for the Nissan JUKE.

    Training & Development Nissan Juke
  • - The Power Comes From Inside -

    Open Integration.

    Expertise gets implemented.

    Zinia's R&D team developed a special material called Soffiless, which grips and feels just like our fingertips. Today, it's bringing a human touch to the interior of the new Nissan Z sports car. Now that's applied science.

    Career Areas Nissan Z
  • - The Power Comes From Inside -


    Ingenuity breaks boundaries.

    Inspired ideas go a long way at Nissan. Yusuke and team, designers of the Nissan LEAF, created animation footage for such topics as "Life with EV," fueling not only an innovative car concept, but how we brought it to market.

    Culture Nissan Leaf
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