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People at Nissan share a passion to design, manufacture and sell high-performance, fun-to-drive vehicles. We're unified by a set of guiding principles, called The NISSAN WAY. That's why we say "The Power Comes From Inside." It's in our corporate DNA.

Nissan empowers every employee to make a positive impact by working in an open, integrated environment that supports cross-functional and cross-cultural teamwork. We have a culturally diverse team at every level, with over 36 nationalities represented at our global headquarters alone and a mix of global business styles.

This is how we drive new ideas and challenge ourselves to quickly bring breakthroughs to market and create value for our customers and our business. It's also how we recognize and reward professional performance.


Discover the principles that frame our thinking (Mindset) and guide our professional behavior (Actions):


  • Cross-functional / Cross-cultural: Be open and show empathy toward different views; welcome diversity.
  • Transparent: Be clear, be simple; no vagueness and no hiding.
  • Learner: Be passionate. Learn from every opportunity; create a learning company.
  • Frugal: Achieve maximum results with minimum resources.
  • Competitive: No complacency, focus on competition, and continuous benchmarking.


  • Motivate: How are you energizing yourself and others?
  • Commit & Target: Are you accountable and are you accelerating enough toward your potential?
  • Perform: Are you fully focused on delivering results?
  • Measure: How do you assess performance?
  • Challenge: How are you driving continuous and competitive progress across the company?

Taxi of Tomorrow

"Taxi of Tomorrow" rolls out in NYC for 2013

In May of 2011, Nissan made news when New York City's Mayor announced that the city had selected the Nissan NV200 as the Next-gen "Taxi of Tomorrow", replacing 13,000 operating taxis in NYC. Masaki and Takamasa from the product planning team of Nissan North America Inc. were instrumental in driving home the plans.

Answering the call for "a taxi that would blend into the cityscape" and be "wheelchair accessible" inspired unique innovations. But it also required cross-cultural teamwork with Vice President Andy Palmer to clear the technical requirements and meet every challenge of the specifications provided by the NYC commissioners.

Masaki and Takamasa built a vehicle that is "like something out of a dream, with a spacious inside and compact outside, and of course incredible fuel economy. A transparent roof for unmatched skyscraper views, a bullet-proof partition window, intercom and interactive flat-screen took this multi-user vehicle to the next level.

With the NV200 destined to become a global hallmark of urban transportation, production vehicles are now rolling off the factory floor straight into trial runs on the streets of New York.

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