Founded in 1933, Nissan strives to optimize product development and deliver highly innovative technology. Today, in countries and regions around the world, the company enjoys a stellar reputation for creating breathtaking vehicles and truly innovative service programs. Born in Japan. Sold worldwide. Enjoyed everywhere.

The power of the Nissan brands comes from our ability to expand our collective strengths and create world-class standards. We're driving the future of the automotive industry through products that evoke passion in car owners and by furthering our mission to deliver superior value to our customers.

Nissan Motor Company's brands — Nissan and Infiniti — are sold in major markets worldwide; sales of our third brand, Datsun, will be added in 2014. With our longstanding alliance with Renault, collaborative projects with Daimler, and exciting partnership with Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd, our 50% joint-venture partner in China, our impact has grown globally.

Brand Icons

  • Nissan

    Thoughtful in our approach and bold in our standards, Nissan fuses advanced technology and design to maximize mobility for all. The Nissan LEAF is leading the charge with 100% electric, zero-emission vehicles that embody our commitment to finding solutions to improve our lives and the lives of future generations.

  • Infiniti

    Infiniti vehicles embrace the future through artful expression of refined power and an uncompromising passion for the Total Ownership Experience. The Infiniti Essence concept car is the culmination of 20 years of experience, redefining what it means to bring strength, luxury and performance to the world.

  • Datsun

    Bringing quality cars to fast-growing markets, highly anticipated new Datsun models will make affordable style and reliable performance accessible to all. Through innovative design and adaptability, we're bringing the energy back to ownership and placing the power of mobility within reach.